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The Japanese have long been known for the spectacular technique of the Martial Arts. The tradition has been in vogue since the medieval times and even before that. The game or so to say, the fight is between the two combatants who hold a weapon that from the family of the swords. The list of the weapons is long and of them have been used in continuance since the medieval times. Visit https://www.katanasforsale.com for more details.

Given below is the list of the medieval weapons that are an indispensable part of the Martial arts:

1. Bladed-swords:
• Swords- The first and the most prominent in the category of the bladed weapons are the swords. This forms the core of the game of the Martial arts. Without the swords the existence of the fight would get reduced to very less of what it is in today’s age.

There are a lot of weapons in this type, Katanas and the Wakizashis are the most important and renowned of them all. The salient features of the swords is the edges, the length, the reliability, the brittleness amounting to the carbon content and others. The swords are hand forged as well as mass machine manufactured. Hence, the requirement of the fighter decides the fate of the sword.

2. Knives: Another deadly weapon in the list is the knives that are relatively smaller in size but no less deadly. The grip of the knives is so smooth that the person who holds it has full control over the weapon all the times.

3. Blunt weapons: Apart from the bladed edges, one more category that stands tall in the countenance of the weapons is these blunt weapons. They deal a heavy blow to the opponent and the damage is at a larger scale as compared to a bladed weapon. The solidity of the blunt weapons makes them one of the most agonizing tool in the hands of a skilled and celebrated samurai.

In the category of the blunt weapons are the clubs/mace or the sticks and the staffs. The fight involving this is much more blatant and even the amateurs are able to learn the trick quite easily.

4. Continuing with the same list, the others are axe, sickles and the Kamas. Though, they have become a topic of the past. The weapons so perilous that a single touch can leave the enemy bleeding. Proper skill and training is required to play with these.